Auto Comment Bot for Instagram

Auto Comment bot can do so much work for you:

Commenting new Photos on Instagram need much time daily. But this can be very important because it can show your followers that you are also paying attention to them. Doing all of this manually takes really much time every day when you’re getting more and more followers each day. That’s why we created a bot named Auto Comment for Instagram. This tool is configured in a few minutes and will save much of your daily time!

How to setup the Auto Comment bot:

  1. Visit the Auto Comment Tab in our Panel on the left side
  2. Choose one of your Instagram Accounts on the left side
  3. Click on “Comments”
  4. Enter at least 5 Comments like the ones below:

    Love the fluffy ears!
    Great picture
    Amazing pic

    Click after each entered Comment Add Comment”
    Instagram Auto Direct Message Bot Software
    Please be creative. They must all look a bit different. Prevent same sentences.

  5. After you’ve added all Comments, click on “Save”
  6. Now switch to the “Target & Settings”
  7. Choose a Target (Hashtags, Places or People)
  8. Enter some Hashtags and select them (We’ll choose in this tutorial hashtags as our target.):
    Instagram Auto Like Bot
  9. Choose the speed of liking (We recommend to choose the speed “Auto” which is automatically set by default)
    New Instagram Accounts should start with Very-Slow or Slow. If you’re starting to high you can get blocked by Instagram! Older Accounts can start with Fast or Very-Fast if you’re setting up a Pause for some hours a day.
  10. Now Select the “Active” as Status to activate the Auto Comment bot after saving
  11. Optional: Setup a pause to look like a human and not like a bot which is 24/7 commenting every single post on IG.


That’s was it already!

The Auto Comment bot will start after some minutes. You can check the Status in the “Activity Log”.

Want to see more automation skills of our website?

Then check the tutorial category of our blog!

Need help?

Message us via email or live chat if you have more Questions or also if you’ve problems with the setup!

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