Auto Repost Bot for Instagram

You repost other pictures:

Reposting the pictures and videos of other Instagram users often attract other users to like your posts. But repost the whole feed of the timeline or for example from hashtags take much time everyday. That’s why IGRobot created the Auto Repost Bot.

Just set it up and your Instagram account starts to auto repost 24/7 every single post of the hashtags, places or specified people!

Now we’ll show you, how you can setup the Auto Repost Bot – step by step:

  1. Visit the Auto Repost bot in our Panel
  2. Choose one of your Instagram Accounts on the left side
  3. Choose a Target (Hashtags, Places or People) We’ll choose in this tutorial hashtags as our target.
  4. Enter some Hashtags and select them:
    Instagram Auto Repost Bot
  5. Choose the speed of liking
    New Instagram Accounts should start with Very-Slow or Slow. If you’re starting to high you can get blocked by Instagram! Older Accounts can start with Fast or Very-Fast if you’re setting up a Pause for some hours a day.
  6. Now Select the “Active” as Status to activate the Auto Repost bot after saving
  7. Optional: Setup a pause to look like a human and not like a bot which is 24/7 reposting every single post on IG.
  8. Finally you can click on save and the Auto Repost bot will started after some Minutes

Want to know if the bot is running and liking other peoples posts?
Check out the “Activity Log”. There is every single post shown which your account reposted and also the approximately time to repost the next post.

This was it all! The Bot should now automatically repost everything for you!

Want to automate more things with our webbased Instagram bots?
Check other posts on our blog or visit our bots website directly here!

Message us via email or livechat if you have more Questions or also if you’ve problems with the setup!

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