Auto Unfollow Bot for Instagram

Auto Unfollow with our Instagram Bot:

You have followed too much people on Instagram (probably with our Auto Follow bot?) and you do not want to unfollow all of them by hand? We know this situation, that’s why we have developed the auto unfollow bot to unfollow all of them for you! It just need some seconds to setup this bot to start unfollowing all these people…

How to setup the Auto Unfollow bot – Step by step:

  1. Visit the Auto Unfollow bot in our Panel
  2. Choose the Instagram account on the left side – it should open the settings tab of the auto unfollow bot:
    instagram auto unfollow bot
  3. Set the speed of unfollowing
    Important: Start with “slow” or “medium” as speed. Instagram doesnt like bots, that’s why you could get banned by Instagram for following/unfollowing up to 24h if you start to fast.
    After some time you can change to a higher speed – but check always the activity log. If there’s a error message with the text “Couldn’t unfollow the user: Feedback required” you’re too fast!
  4. Set the status to “Active”
  5. If you don’t want to unfollow some of your friends, enter their usernames into the White list
  6. Tick “Don’t unfollow my followers” if you dont want to unfollow people who are following you
  7. Tick “Pause action everyday …” and choose a time where the bot shouldn’t unfollow. This makes it more human for Instagram
  8. Choose a Source: “All Followings” if you want to unfollow all which aren’t followed by our Auto Follow bot. Else choose “Followed via Auto Follow Module” if you want to auto unfollow the people which was auto followed by our Auto Follow bot
  9. Click “Save”

And that was it already! Now should the Auto Unfollow bot start after some minutes and auto unfollow all the followings of your Instagram account! It was easy, or?

Want to know if the bot is running and following other people?

Check out the “Activity Log”. Every single person is shown there which your account unfollowed and also the approximately time to unfollow the next person.

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Need help?

Message us via email or live chat if you have more Questions or also if you’ve problems with the setup!

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