Sale started & new update released

Dear IGRobot Members,

today we want to start a small Sale for all our Members for a limited time and also we want to announce that we’ve updated our bot.


Renew your IGRobot account for 12 months and get 6 months extra!
That’s nice or? You pay for 12 months, but you’ll get 18!?

For example: You would save 64.50€ while renewing the Professional Pack!


Yes, that’s correct. We’ve finally released our update.
This update includes many new features and also many bugfixes

For example:
-Add Location to a Post
-Add the first Comment (You can post hashtags etc there, this will make your post look cleaner!)
-Auto delete posted image/video from our server
-Delete Mode (Choose some files youve uploaded to delete them all instead of deleting every single file)
-Auto Like/Follow/Repost/etc: You can now add hashtags, locations etc at the same time!
& much more

Login now and discover the new update with your own eyes!


the IGRobot Team

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